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Wait list for Registration

Posted by Chatham Pool Sharks at Oct 21, 2021 9:31AM PDT

Please be advised, the Swim Sharks are mandated to cap the number of swimmers we are permitted, at this time.
This is to ensure safety for all of the swimmers during covid. Two swimmers per lane is the current maximum.
The Sharks are obligated to follow these safety precautions as part of our Swim Ontario Affiliation and permission to swim at the YMCA.

We are hoping that additional swimmers will soon be permitted in each lane. At this time we have created a “wait list”.
In a few weeks, the Sharks will inquire about allowing more children to join in the pool.

Should you have any questions feel free to connect with us at:

Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Prior to each swim practice or event, swimmers (parents) are asked to complete the attached Covid Symptom Screening.
This must be emailed to the
To be completed on the same day, PRIOR to entering the pool area.
Set a reminder alarm in your phone/calendar.
Takes approximately 15 seconds.
Many thanks.

Please read the attached document.

Swim Try outs need to be scheduled accordingly, in compliance with the YMCA safety protocol, in addition to Swim Ontario policies.

Hope to see you soon!

The document Registration_and_Swim_Try_out_information_October_2021.docx was attached to this post.

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BACK in the Water!!!

Posted by Chatham Pool Sharks at Oct 6, 2021 3:50PM PDT

The SHARKS will be on the pool deck, beginning October 19.

It has been a long road to get us here. Perhaps one of the last sports to get started. But here we are.

Your dedication to swimming is appreciated.

The YMCA, in conjunction with Swim Ontario, have followed the necessary guidelines to ensure the safety of the swimmers.

Upon entry to the YMCA, swimmers 12 and over are expected to provide proof of ID, along with proof of a double covid vaccination.
Please feel free to review the YMCA website if further details are required.

To Register online please visit:

Deposit paid to

If you have an interest in trying out – we are HOSTING a swim try during the week of October 11.
Please advise immediately if you wish to try out. In line with safety precautions, these will have to be scheduled.

Questions – reach out via email, facebook or Shark Board Member/Coach


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REGISTRATION - Almost ready

Posted by Chatham Pool Sharks at Sep 6, 2021 8:25AM PDT

The Sharks are pleased to announce that we are BACK.
Finalizing the details with the YMCA and Swim Ontario for our safe return back into the pool.
More information to arrive in the next few days.
Tentatively – we will be in the POOL the week of September 21.

In Person registration dates will be advertised on Wednesday – will be done within the week.
On-line registration details – available by Thursday September 9.

Stay tuned.

If interested, please connect with us via email or FB.
We can update you with the days, times, fees as we know at this time.